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How Ratings Work

Chipy Editorial
Chipy Editorial
Nov 16, 2021

how ratings work

This page is dedicated to educating users on how the casino rating system works on and why we consider user-generated reviews to be one of the best ways to make an informed decision about choosing a gambling site.

It should be emphasized that our main goal is to provide players with unbiased overviews of online casinos based on real player experience.

All casino reviews we display on our website reflect the opinion of registered users. 

This means that our users have already had some form of experience with a particular casino and decided to share that information through casino reviews/ratings.

Keep reading to learn more about our casino rating system, the usefulness of casino reviews based on personal experience, the requirements casinos need to meet to be featured on our website, and more.


Our Community's Opinions Matter To Us

Your Opinion Matters Illustration

As full transparency is one of’s core values, for us it comes naturally to allow users to express their honest viewpoints on the casinos published on our website. 

All players are entitled to their own opinions, so our duty is to create a safe environment where they can share their impressions.

By allowing users to voice their opinions, we are able to offer the entire community an unbiased overview of the online casinos we feature. 

It should be pointed out that the experience of our users does not reflect our individual experience with these casinos.

However, user-generated casino reviews serve as a more trustworthy source, considering that does not interfere in the rating process and users decide which casinos are worthy or not based on their personal experience.


How Our Casino Rating System Works

Rating System Illustration

On, we use a 5-star rating system that allows our members to add votes on a scale from 1 (Terrible) to 5 (Excellent) and write a review of their experience with the particular casino they're rating.

The overall score of a casino is determined by the average of the users' total votes.Chipy overall casino scoreWe have 5 rating criteria:

  • Casino Fairness - The casino offers a safe and secure gambling environment and adheres to the best practices of responsible gambling;
  • Withdrawal Credibility - various withdrawal options available that offer flexibility and process the transaction in a timely manner;
  • Promotions and Bonuses - a wide range of casino bonuses updated regularly and lucrative VIP program;
  • Games Variety and Graphics - large collection of games from top software providers;
  • Support Professionality - the customer support is knowledgeable, responds quickly, and is user-friendly.

Chipy rating criteria explained

Please note: It is not mandatory to rate all five criteria. Users can only choose to rate some of them, according to their own experience with the brand, and the final score will be updated based on the average of the selected criteria.


The user rating is calculated as follows:
(Fairness Rating + Withdrawal Credibility Rating + Bonuses Rating + Games Rating + Support Rating) /5.

Our rating system only takes into account the newest vote given by each user when calculating the overall score of a casino. 


If you’ve had a negative experience with a casino in the past, and you left a low rating, but on a second try that platform improves, you could update your vote, which will overwrite your previous score.

The past ratings will remain visible on the casino review page, but they won’t influence the overall score. 

This way, we can offer our community the most accurate and fresh results.

You can learn more in our article on how members can update their reviews.

How ratings help our users

By checking the casino ratings and reviews left by other real players, members can get a better overview of a platform based on our community's experience. 

Users can refine their research even further and check out only the rating criteria that interest them, like bonuses, games availability, or customer support.

Also, all the casino lists on our site can be sorted by "Top-rated", which will display the best gaming sites based on our community's ratings.


Transparency and trustworthiness are our core values. That's why casinos can't pay us to remove or change any of the reviews on our website.

Review Guidelines: Quick Overview

It’s essential to know that only registered members are allowed to submit a casino review. So, if you’re interested in leaving a review, make sure you are logged into your account, and if you don’t have an account, we invite you to open one.

This is what you should take into consideration when writing a review:

  • Only share your real experience; 
  • Cater your comments for a global audience;
  • Respect the privacy of other users;
  • Do not reveal any personal information;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest between operators;
  • Avoid racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination;
  • Do not spam.

To learn more about how to successfully submit a casino review, check out our posting guidelines page. 


7 Criteria for a Casino to be Featured on


Listed Sites Illustration

Explore our 7 criteria for selecting online casinos to be listed on in this guide down below. If the gambling site ticks all 7 boxes, the chances of being featured on our website are very high.

Safety and Regulation

First and foremost, to be listed on, an online casino needs to prove that it is regulated and can offer a safe environment for players to engage in iGaming activities.

  • License - The online casino is required to display on its website a license issued by a respectable gambling authority.
  • Independently Regulated - The gambling site must be approved by eCOGRA or similar security & fairness authorities, as well as being tested for RNG.
  • SSL Encryption - The SSL encryption check ensures that the SSL certificate is valid.

Games and Software Providers only takes into consideration the online casinos that offer a wide range of high-quality casino games from top software providers.

  • Extensive Game Collection - The casino’s game selection needs to be broad in terms of quantity, quality, and game type variety.
  • Progressive Jackpot Availability - Among the games hosted by the casino, a fair amount of them must offer progressive jackpots, to give players the chance to experience bigger wins.
  • Games From Top Software Developers - High-quality games provided by leading game developers are mandatory for the casinos hosted by
  • Play In Demo Mode Feature - It’s essential that casinos allow players to practice games in demo mode, free of charge.
  • High-quality Gaming Experience - The same top quality is expected for both in-browser and client-download gaming.

Bonuses and Promotions

Casino incentives significantly improve the gaming experience, therefore, the online gambling sites featured on should offer attractive bonus promotions to players.

  • Welcome Bonus Upon Registration - Every gambling site should present new players with a welcome bonus as a way of showing appreciation for their casino choice.
  • Bonus Offers For All Types of Players - New players shouldn’t be the only ones rewarded with bonus deals. Existing players must also be encouraged to keep playing by being offered bonus promotions.
  • VIP/Loyalty Program Availability - Loyalty deserves to be recognized, so veteran players should have the option to enter VIP/Loyalty programs.
  • Decent & Transparent Terms and Conditions - It’s very important that casinos treat players fairly and provide them with reasonable and straightforward T&C’s.

Banking and Money

Providing players with an extensive selection of secure payment options is an important factor in’s decision to feature an online casino.

  • Available Trusted Payment Methods - The casino should present users with a wide-ranging selection of trustworthy payment options.
  • Secure Funds - The banking methods provided must have the resources to honor the payments in a safe and secure manner.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Working as Intended - The deposit/withdrawal process should run smoothly without any errors.


The rules and regulations regarding online gambling activities differ from country to country. That is why the gambling sites listed on our website should filter users based on location and signal their availability/unavailability in the user’s country.

  • Casino Popularity - Every country has its own popular casinos, so a casino that’s popular in one country may be completely unknown in another.
  • Visitor Location - Gambling sites will change platforms or have different landing pages depending on where the user logs in.
  • Unavailable Sites - Due to laws and regulations, certain top-ranking gambling sites won’t be available in every country.
  • Country Flag Filter - On, players can use a special filter that will help them see which casinos are available in their country. However, they can also visit foreign casinos, as well.
  • Traveling To Other Countries - If a user were to access our site from another country, he/she would be able to access the casinos available in that country.
  • Dedicated Country Pages - On certain gambling sites, users will stumble upon pages dedicated to casinos by country, where they will find relevant information about their country’s online gambling market.

Customer Support

We approve of online casinos that provide players with great customer service and are always willing to solve any issues that may arise.

  • Easy Access - Casinos should make it effortless for customers to get support.
  • Fast And Efficient - It’s vital that the customer service provides players with prompt answers to important issues.
  • Player Safety - The customer support department has the role of ensuring that users are playing in a safe environment.
  • Data Encryption - Protection of personal data should be one of the customer support department’s top priorities.

Mobile Availability

As gambling on the go is highly popular nowadays, casino sites must offer users the possibility to access their favorite games on mobile devices.

  • Mobile Optimization - Players should be able to have the same friendly-user experience accessing the casino site from mobile devices.
  • App Functionality - If the casino site has an app, it should run smoothly.

It must be noted that although examines the aforementioned aspects before featuring a casino, the situation could change over time. 

That is why we are constantly checking all the published casinos for any outdated information and updating the reviews if any issues are brought up by users.


Here’s Why You Should Trust Us


Why Trust Us Illustration

Here are 5 reasons why is a reliable online casino portal and why it should be your trusted guide through your gambling journey:

  • Genuine User-Generated Reviews - acts as a host for these gambling sites and has no influence over the ratings, nor the ability to alter them. The ratings are exclusively user-generated.
  • iGaming Specialists - Our team of online gambling experts rigorously examines every casino operator to determine if it complies with all our requirements.
  • Freedom To Choose - We act as a neutral third party and let players make their own decisions based on their own reasoning, individual research, and existing casino reviews on the site.
  • Fellowship & Empathy - As players ourselves, we are sympathetic to the possible issues that may arise from choosing a low-quality casino, so we try our best to create an ideal gaming experience for our users.
  • Passion For Gambling - All our users are online casino aficionados that enjoy engaging in activities on our website, including sharing their gambling experiences to help their peers. Trusted Online Casinos

We feature and promote gambling sites that stand out for their top-quality gambling services. applauds the honorable approach of these top-tier casino sites by offering a special award known as the Token of Trust. Only the casinos that meet our highest standards of service quality will be awarded this prestigious merit badge.

Token of Trust Badge


However, not only the casinos marked with the Token of Trust label are worthy. There are countless other reliable online casinos available at that didn’t have the chance yet to be reviewed, as their number increases constantly.

We also feature a page dedicated to our best online casinos, rated by our community members. Only the casinos that have a rating above 3.5 from at least 100 player votes and have been in the market for at least 6 months will appear on this page. 

This way, we ensure that only the casinos that are really worth it will appear on the best online casinos page, helping you find a reliable platform.


How To Avoid Rogue Casinos


Blacklisted Casinos Illustration

We demand the online casinos that we feature treat players with respect by offering them gambling services of the highest standards.

However, not all gambling sites are trustworthy, and even with our rigorous examinations, we cannot predict the future actions of certain casino sites. 

Therefore, if a casino doesn’t comply with our requirements, we warn our users by flagging that site as blacklisted.

To make things easier for our players, we have created a page where we expose untrustworthy online casinos. This is where users can check out the blacklist and see which sites must be avoided at all costs.


Final Thoughts

It must be clear by now that our review system has been created with the user in mind, as we aim to only deliver transparent and honest casino reviews. The sole purpose of this action is to help our users make the best decisions regarding their gambling habits, but the final verdict is still theirs. 

Our role is to only show them what to expect and prepare them for their gambling journey. They can still make their own decisions and use our reviews as guidelines, as their purpose is exclusively informational. 


Always play smart, safe, and responsibly. If you need help, you can always check our Responsible Gambling page to learn more.

Best of luck!

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