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Advertiser Disclosure

Chipy Editorial
Chipy Editorial
Nov 23, 2021

chipy advertiser disclosure

We are an independent marketing company that promotes safe and legal online gambling activities. Responsible gambling is one of the main principles our brand is built on, so we want to help our users get the most out of their gambling experience.

To become members and benefit from our services, players need to be over the age of 18 and follow our rules and guidelines.

Here, at, we provide players with a large trusted online casinos selection, daily bonus promotions, an ever-growing collection of free games, and real money sweepstakes.

However, our offer also includes casino & game reviews by active users, to help players narrow down their choices and help them make informed decisions when it comes to spending money on online gambling activities. strives to create a safe and secure environment for its users while delivering high-quality iGaming services and accurate information on casino sites, games, bonuses, and many more.


Why We’d Like To Help You

chipy helps you

Our website has been created with one goal in mind. To serve as a gateway to the iGaming world and guide players through all the necessary steps they need to take to securely and successfully engage in online gambling activities.

Therefore, our main mission is to lead the way and advise players on online gambling matters, as we are not a gambling operator but an information-only iGaming portal.

Nonetheless, we collaborate with online gambling operators, by hosting thousands of casino sites that offer diverse gambling services. Our users can easily access these sites and their services via

By navigating through our website, users will be able to find hundreds of pages dedicated to key iGaming topics, such as types of bonuses and casino games, casino software, payment providers, casino reviews, sweepstakes, casino news & events, shop, and more.

We strongly believe that there’s only one way to gamble responsibly. Before getting started with online casinos, players should do as much research as possible, and this is where we step in. 

Whether it is a new game, a popular casino site, or an attractive bonus promotion, we provide users with all the information they need to know before setting off.

It’s worth noting that we do not offer any financial or legal advice. All the information we present on our website is objective and solely meant to educate players on online gambling topics. 

However, our community’s views and opinions matter to us, which is why all reviews displayed on our website are real evaluations by players who already tried our casinos and games, had a positive/negative experience, and decided to share it to help out their peers.

Nevertheless, the user reviews do not reflect the opinion of the site owner, affiliates, or licensors. User reviews are entirely subjective and centered on personal experience.

Based on the provided information, users ultimately decide on the iGaming activities they want to pursue, as well as meeting all’s requirements, including the T&C’s and legal age for gambling.


10 Reasons Why You Should Trust

why you should trust chipy

  • We have a clear mission in terms of providing some of the best bonuses, games & casino reviews on the market.

  • Our easy-to-use filtering system helps users sort out their preferred bonuses, games, and casinos.

  • All the information found on our website is unbiased and provided by gambling specialists, whereas the casino reviews are submitted by real players and are based on personal experience.

  • Certain criteria may influence the position of some casinos displayed on our site, but we do our best to filter the casino and bonus lists based on user preference

  • Offering high-quality when it comes to online gambling is still our main priority and we highly promote certain casino sites that comply with our Token of Trust requirements.

  • The only financial partnerships we enter are the ones with trusted casino operators that share our core values and conform to certain requirements.

  • We strive to keep a relationship based on trust and accountability with our users and partners, this being the reason why we offer full transparency regarding our collaborations.

  • Because we value transparency, we’d like to share with our users that as an affiliate site, we receive financial compensation when certain links on our website are accessed. 

  • Our community’s casino reviews can give players a certain direction when choosing a gambling site, but we recommend users make decisions based on their research and reasoning, as well.

  • We are sensitive to gambling addiction issues and our goal is to keep it under control by raising awareness and keeping the community informed on the responsible gambling topic.

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