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Chipy Editorial
Chipy Editorial
Jan 23, 2022

advertise with us chipy

At, we know exactly what players want. Therefore, we offer an extensive list of online casinos and an abundance of great offers, including welcome bonuses and free spins.

Chipy’s main goal is to be the go-to resource for gambling insights in the world. Our team of experts are constantly improving their knowledge so they can deliver their vision in the best way possible.

Furthermore, we provide high-impact advertising opportunities

No matter what type of gambling-related entity you are, the result will be similar – you will get more exposure for your business. As a partner of our site, you can become a Sweepstake supporter, get featured on our home page, add an exclusive bonus to our shop, and more.

Our unique coin system also brings great benefits for you as a gambling operator. Users that have a Chipy account engage more with our community. Thus, they are more likely to check out your product if you promote it in the right areas of our site.

Keep reading to discover 6 effective advertising features on

1. Become a Sweepstakes Supporter

When you become a supporter of our Sweepstakes, you will get targeted brand exposure in our site’s most amazing feature.

Sweepstake supporter section on chipy

Chipy’s Sweepstakes are raffles available for registered users. The participants can buy tickets and get chances to win real money or coins prizes. 

Every user that participates in the Sweepstake you support will have direct contact with your brand

Furthermore, if users want to know more about your product, they can click on the ’’Learn more’’ button, which will link to your dedicated page on our site or your business landing page.

Another great benefit of becoming a Sweepstakes Supporter is that you can reach out to new potential users through various channels like Social Media or e-mail newsletters. As a result,  your community will grow and more targeted traffic will be brought to your platform. 


This feature is available for all types of gambling-related entities. Online casinos, software providers, payment methods companies, apps, and Youtube channels are more than welcome to enjoy it.

What are the benefits of becoming a Supporter?

  • You will enjoy a higher exposure in front of thousands of sweepstake participants
  • You will appear more trustworthy in the eyes of our users
  • Reach out to new potential users through several channels, and this will help you grow your community. Therefore, you will have more targeted traffic to your website
  • Everyone that participates in the Sweepstake you support will have direct contact with your brand.

Do you want to become a Sweepstake Supporter?

To become a Sweepstake Supporter, you will need to get in touch with our PR department. As an existing partner, you just need to contact your account manager.

New partner? Send us an email at [email protected] and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

2. Get your Casino Featured on Our Homepage

An online casino’s main goal is to attract more users. Since we fully understand the importance of getting more traffic, we have created an efficient way for you to increase your exposure.
Homepage featured casinos

Once you get your casino featured on our homepage, your casino will appear at the top of our homepage in the ’’Featured Casinos”  section. 


On Chipy, the featured casinos list is updated on a monthly basis.

Are you interested in getting your casino on the top of our homepage? If the answer is yes, feel free to contact our marketing department by sending an email to [email protected]

3. Become Part of Our Exclusive Bonus Category

This opportunity is only available for casino operators. 

Online casinos can offer various exclusive bonuses for our users. We aim for continuous improvement, which is why we encourage online casinos to provide the best exclusive bonuses available. 

Take advantage of this great advertising opportunity, and your casino will get exposure in a high-traffic section. On Chipy, we have a large number of users who are actively seeking exclusive bonuses. 

Also, your bonus will have an “Exclusive Label” which will make you more trustworthy in the eyes of our audience.

exclusive bonuses on chipy

For more information on how our community can get their hands on exclusive promotions, you can read our complete guide to exclusive bonuses.

This way, you will understand exactly the advantages of listing an exclusive deal on Chipy and you can decide if it suits your needs as a gambling operator.

Or, if you’ve already made up your mind, you can contact our marketing team right away via email at [email protected]

4. Add your Bonus to the Shop

This advertising feature is only available for casino operators. 

The Shop is the place where our members can spend their Chipy coins. Users can purchase several cool items such as Exclusive Bonuses, Avatar Items, and Real Money Prizes. 

Shop Bonus Codes

As an online casino operator, you can list an exclusive bonus in the shop. Then, users can buy them with Chipy coins, offering you access to a highly targeted audience that invested time to get their hands on your special promotion.

Our Shop section is an exciting and rare feature that can offer you lots of benefits, like increased brand exposure to our members and higher conversion rates.

To get listed, you can get in touch with our Marketing department via email at [email protected].

5. Publish Your Games in the Playground

This section is for software providers only. 

The Playground is a super fun section on, where users can gamble with Chipy coins on various slots, for a chance to win more coins.

Playground Casino Games on Chipy is the only gambling community that offers this special feature. The Playground offers users the opportunity to play free slots using the site-wide currency, rather than using the classic demo credits. 

As a software provider, getting your game published in the Playground will bring you great brand awareness and it represents an ideal testing ground for your new releases.

You can check the reactions of the users to your games in the comment section. The Playground feature has been designed to provide our users with a memorable casino-like gaming experience, so it’s a great opportunity for your games to get more exposure to our members.

For more information about adding your games to the Playground Section, the email address is [email protected]

6. Get Featured in Interviews and News Articles

Every entity that is part of the online gambling industry is eligible for interviews and news articles. All the articles are published in our news section

chipy interview section

There are multiple advantages of getting featured in our interviews and articles, like:

  • Great reputation among our users
  • Excellent exposure
  • Trustworthiness

Check out the interview with the sales manager at Swintt to see a real-life example of this advertising feature.

Want to get started? get in touch with our PR department via email at [email protected]

Do you have any other inquiries?

At we offer unlimited access to our fun and exciting features. Start advertising with us, and you will get an evergreen source of gambling traffic

On top of that, you will no longer be limited to just being listed on a gambling affiliate site.

With our special advertising positions and features, your brand will get a massive exposure boost in a highly-target community and you can interact directly with your users through our platform.

If you’ve got any additional questions, remember that you can always get in touch by visiting our Contact Us page.

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