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Here on our page dedicated to Free Casino Roulette Games, you will find 152 titles that you can enjoy without having to deposit real money! The gameplay is entirely free, but keep in mind that this also means that you won’t be able to withdraw any actual cash winnings. Still, what better way to practice a game as engaging as roulette than by doing it for free?

WHAT IS ROULETTE? The term Roulette came from the French word meaning ‘little wheel’, which is an apt description of this popular casino game’s structure. It consists of a spinning wheel with 37 slots numbered 0 through 36 in the case of classic single zero French or European Roulette, or 38 slots in double-zero American roulette. The tiles are colored in either red or black, and players can place bets on them in varying manners. The winning number is determined by a croupier in land-based roulette or a Random Number Generator (RNG) in online casino roulette. 

Do you want to discover an extensive collection of free roulette games? Then scroll down below to find our list of 152 that you can enjoy at no additional cost. If you already know what you’re looking for, be it European Roulette, American Roulette, or anything of the sort, then use the search bar on the left for easy access to your tried and true favorites. If not, then don’t fret. We have something here for everyone, regardless of taste or gambling style. Enjoy online free roulette from a number of renowned software providers in the industry by the likes of Barcrest Games, Inbet Games, Saucify, SkillOnNet, and many more. 

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Chipy’s Guide to Free Roulette Games

Roulette in its first variant was created in France back in the 18th century. However, many historians believe that renowned mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal himself introduced a more primitive version of the game in the 17th century. The present form of the game has been played ever since 1796 when it took over Paris by storm. Then, once the 19th century rolled around, roulette quickly made its way to Europe and the United States of America. Roulette became the go-to game in Monte Carlo, Europe’s last legal casino at the time. Nowadays, roulette is a staple in many online and land-based casinos around the world, as it is one of the most popular table games out there alongside blackjack

When playing, punters can choose to bet on either a number or groupings of numbers, as well as the two colors on the board (red and black). In addition to this, wagers may also be placed on whether the number that comes out will be odd or even, low or high. Low numbers are situated between 1 and 18 on the wheel, while high ones are from 19 to 36. Croupiers in land-based casinos or a Random Number Generation in the online variant determine the winning number by spinning the wheel in one direction, then spinning the ball in the opposite direction. You can notice NetEnt's classic European style roulette in action in the image below:
NetEnt European Roulette How to Play
Are you ready to experience the thrill of roulette for real money? Then head on over to our Online Casino Reviews page and browse through our comprehensive list of gambling websites to find your next favorite spot. We here provide ratings and reviews based on actual player feedback to help you choose wisely, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy a game of roulette and claim your chance to win cash prizes in exchange for your real money investment!

Roulette Games FAQ

Is free roulette similar to real money roulette?
Yes. Playing free roulette games online operates the same as doing it for real money. The design and rules of the game remain unchanged, but you need to remember that you won’t invest any actual cash in the bets, nor will you win any either. 
What can I win in a free roulette game?
Gameplay experience. Free online roulette is a great way for you to get accustomed to the rules of this casino game and test out strategies without actually investing your money just yet.
How can I get good at roulette?
As with anything, practice makes perfect. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and free roulette gives you the chance to do just that and not pay for it. In this way, when you do decide to start playing for real money, you will already be well versed in the rules of the game.