Come Bet in Craps: The Complete Beginner's Guide

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There's a good reason why the Come bet in Craps is so common among beginners, despite the wide variety of wagers available at the craps table.

In this guide, professional dice influencer Bill Collins will teach you the ins and outs of the Come and Don't Come bet, including:

So, without further ado, let's dive right in!

What is the Come Bet in Craps?

come bet craps

The Come Bet is a craps contract bet that is made after the point is established by putting chips in the giant space marked “Come” right in the middle of the table at both ends.

It can’t be removed, with it having to stay in place until a decision on the bet is reached. 

The Pass Line and Come Bets are vig-free bets that pay even money when they win. Adding odds to these bets lowers the casino’s house’s advantage even more.

How Does the Come / Don't Come Bet Work: Quick Guide

Here are the key things that you should know about the Come and the Don't Come bet in craps:

The Come bet 

The online craps Come bet works just like the Pass Line betYou win on 7 and 11 and lose to 2, 3, and 12 on come-out rolls. 

After chips are placed on the Come bet and a box number is rolled, the Come bet travels to the box number that just rolled.  

That number has to roll again before a 7 rolling to win. Like the Pass Line bet, the Come bet pays 1-to-1, or even money. Odds added to a Come bet pay true odds for the Come bet number rolling again before a 7.

The Don't Come bet

You win the Don’t Come bet on 2 and 3 rolling and you lose it to the 7 and 11. Rolling a 12 is a push.

After chips are placed on the Don’t Come bet area at the end corner at both ends of the table and a box number is rolled, the Don’t Come bet travels to the box number that just rolled. The 7 must roll before that Don’t Come bet number to win the bet.

If the Don’t Come bet number rolls first, the Don’t Come bet is lost. The Don’t Come bet pays 1-to-1, or even money. Odds added to a Don’t Come bet pay true odds for the Don’t Come bet number not being rolled before a 7. When your Come bet travels to a number that you already have a place bet on.

To avoid having both in play on the same number, ask the dealer to remove your place bet and use it as odds on your Come bet.

The Come/Don’t Come Bet Odds & Payouts

You make your odds bets on Come Bets and Don’t Come Bets by putting your odds bets in the Come area on the table and telling the dealer that they are your Come odds. 

They are placed off-center on top of your Come Bet, so that the two can be distinguished from each other since the odds Craps Come bet pay more money than the even money Come bet does.

Come bet odds 

The odds are off on come-out rolls, can be added any time after the point is established, and are not contract bets, so they can be removed any time before the Come bet is decided.

  • 6 and 8 Come bet odds pay 6-to-5, or $6 for every $5 bet
  • 5 and 9 Come bet odds pay 3-to-2, or $3 for every $2 bet
  • 4 and 10 Come bet odds pay 2-to-1, or $2 for every $1 bet.

Don’t Come odds 

They are off on come-out rolls, can be added any time after the point is established, and are not contract bets, so they can be removed any time before the Come bet is decided.

  • 6 & 8 Don’t Come odds pay 5-to-6, or $5 for every $6 bet
  • 5 and 9 Don’t Come odds pay 2-to-3, or $2 for every $3 bet
  • 4 and 10 Don’t Come odds pay 1-to-2, or $1 for every $1 bet.

Take a look at the payouts and odds guide if you want to compare the Come bet to other popular craps bets.

Some online casinos limit the number of odds you can bet behind your Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come bets more than other casinos do.

There will be a plaque on the inside wall of the table telling you the current minimum bet you can make, and the maximum odds they offer. You can check out our craps bonus codes page to find a casino that suits your needs.

Please note

If it says “3x’s, 4x’s and 5x’s Odds”, that means that you are allowed to only bet up to 3 times your main bet on 4 and 10, 4 times your main bet on 5 and 9, and 5 times your main bet on 6 and 8. Some casinos offer 10x or even 100x odds. Some think that just allows you to lose your money faster; but in the long term, you should pretty well break even on odds bets wagered, since the casino pays to win off at true odds. 

Come Bet Sequence Example

Round 1 Win: 7 or 11 | Lose: 2, 3, 12 | Point: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Dice Roll: 11 You win.
Round 2 Win: 7 or 11 | Lose: 2, 3, 12 | Point: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Dice Roll: 3 You Lose.
Round 3 Win: 7 or 11 | Lose: 2, 3, 12 | Point: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Dice Roll: 5 The point is set. You will win if you roll a 5 again before a 7. Nothing happens when you roll any other numbers
Dice Roll: 8 Nothing happens.
Dice Roll: 3 Nothing happens.
Dice Roll: 5 You win.

Come Bet Craps Strategy 

One of the most popular betting strategies that use Come bets or Don’t Come bets is the Three Point Molly, where a Pass Line bet is followed up with Come bets on first and second rolls after a Pass Line point has been established. 

3 point molly craps strategy

Come bet odds can be added anytime, but smart players wait until all three bets are established before adding odds to all three bets. Waiting to add your odds allows the second and third rolls after the point is established to be hedged or partially hedged by the newest Come bet should a 7 roll then.

The danger point is immediately after the Pass Line bet and two Come bets have been established and odds have been added to all three because if 7 rolls before any of the numbers covered by those three bets, all the money wagered is lost. 

At that point in the play, you are hoping for two or three wins before that 7 rolls. Unlike place bets, which can win for you over and over just by sitting there and being hit, Winning Come bets and their odds come down and are returned to you when they win. 

You have to go through the Come bet box again to get a replacement bet up on a number, to always have three bets up while playing the Three Point Molly. You can win a lot of money in a hurry when the shooter keeps hitting your Pass Line and Come bets repeatedly.

The Three Point Molly can be played using the Don’t Pass Line bet and Don’t Come bets if you are a dark-side bettor, who enjoys winning money when the 7 rolls. It’s wins and just the opposite of the Three Point Molly that uses the Pass Line bet and two Come bets for right-side betting. 


This is kind of like quietly wishing the shooter bad luck while hoping his roll lasts only long enough for you to get your Don’t bet in place so that they can win when he 7’s out. 
After all, the casino wins most of its money when the 7 rolls after a point has been established, so you’ll be right in step with what the casino wants to see happen at that point in play.

Don’t Come Bet Strategy

don't come bet craps

The hard part about winning Three Point Molly dark-side bets is successfully getting your new dark-side bets past the losing 7 and 11 rolling on come out rolls. 

You can always make a small “C & E” (craps & 11) hedge bet on come out rolls to help protect against losing the bets you are trying to get up successfully on those come out rolls. 

The main difference between Don’t Come and Come bets is that all your Don’t Come bets can be won on the same roll, when 7 rolls; but, the Come bets can only be won one at a time, as each number is rolled.

With Don’t Come bets, you can get bigger payoffs by making a bigger Don’t Come bet and skip adding the odds because the odds pay less than even money while the Don’t Come bet pays even money. 

Of course, you are facing having to get past the 7 and 11 on come-out rolls with more money on the table to get that bigger win.

You can make as many Come bets and Don’t Come bets as you like. I’ve seen players make them on every roll. If the Don’t Come bettor can get his bets up on all six box numbers and then a 7 rolls, he wins all those bets on a single roll. I’ve seen that happen. 

The bad thing is that until it does, your Don’t Come bets can be picked off one by one and all you can do is hope it doesn’t happen.

Some players even add a field bet with their Don’t Come bets to give themselves more chances to win on each roll.

Pro Tip for Winning the Come Bet in Online Craps

One of the best things you have going for you when betting on the Come, Don't Come, Pass Line, Don’t Pass is that the casino’s house advantage over you is as smallest of any bet offered in the casino, 1.41 % on Pass and Come bets and even less with odds added to your bets. 

You have more ways to win on come out rolls than you have to lose. But after the point is established the chances of winning the bet shift in favor of the casino, because there are more ways to roll a losing 7 than there are ways to roll your winning number.


Once you master making the basic Pass, Come, Don’t Pass, and Don’t Come craps bets and adding odds, the game becomes easy to play, while giving you multiple ways to win with different numbers rolling. It’s one of the simplest strategies for someone new to the game to play. 

It doesn’t require a lot of attention as the gameplay progresses on each shooter. When you win, the dealer pays you. When you lose he takes your chips. All you have to do is root for your numbers to roll and enjoy the game. Feel free to try craps in demo mode on Chipy before investing any real money.

If you see that nobody is currently getting monster rolls, don’t come bets will probably win more often. If everyone seems to be getting good rolls, then Come bets will probably work better because with Come bet in craps you are looking for shooters who repeat their numbers.

Most pro players avoid playing the Come and Don’t Come bets because they are contract bets that must remain in play until a decision is reached on each bet, without any player control over them once they are made. Learn more about playing the game like the pros from our Craps Academy guides.

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