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If you want to start playing online Bingo, we are here to help you get started. Using our complete guides created for beginner players, you can quickly learn the basics and start playing on the best Bingo casinos. Read the intermediate and advanced guides to gain more knowledge, and improve your winning chances! 

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What is Online Bingo

Online Bingo is just like the regular game, but you can play it on online casinos for real money or for free here on Chipy. 

The real-life version of the game is played with numbered balls and usually in a casino or a Bingo hall. Online Bingo relies on a Random Number Generator to choose the winning numbers. 

Online Bingo also comes with a chat feature, which gives players the chance to communicate with each other. Therefore, playing from the comfort of your home does not mean you have to give up on the social aspect of this fun game. 

How to Play Online Bingo

The game is very easy to play and our experts explain all the rules in depth in our Bingo Guides. 

However, here is a simplified version of how to play Bingo in 3 steps:

Step 1
Each player gets a scorecard containing a grid of elements (numbers and the letters of the word BINGO)
Step 2
The Random Number Generator then starts drawing numbers, which you have to quickly mark on your card
Step 3
If you mark at least one entire line, be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal, you win a prize. 


The rules of online Bingo may vary depending on the size of the scorecard. There are many different versions of the game, each with its own particularities. 

Why Use Our Online Bingo Guides

Our online Bingo guides are packed with useful information, tips and tricks, strategies, dos and don’ts, and more. They are created to help you learn how to master the game, manage your bankroll, and improve your winning chances. 

All of these, of course, while having a blast. Here, you will even learn how to choose the best Bingo casino bonuses so that you can start your adventure on the right foot. 

These guides come with practical examples you can use in our free games. Also, they are meant to help you transition from the free game to real-money Bingo safely and be mindful of your budget. 

The History of Online Bingo

While the first version of real-life Bingo was traced back to about the 1530s in Italy, the online version was launched in 1996. Ever since then, it has become more and more popular, because of how fun and relaxing it is compared to other fast-paced casino games.

The game originates from Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia, which is the Italian lottery. The French aristocracy helped it spread in France, where it was called Le Lotto. By the 18th Century, the game reached Europe. 

It is unclear where the game got its current name from, but its popularity took off when the first modern version of Bingo started being played at fairs and carnivals by the 1920s. 

The Bingo cards we know today are based on the design patented by Erwin S. Lowe in 1942.

In January 1961, the Betting and Gaming Act 1960 was enacted, allowing Bingo to be introduced in places such as dancehalls. This led to even bigger cash prizes and the game appeared in many other places, including cinemas.

Start Playing Online Bingo Today

If you want to start playing this fun and interesting game, there is no reason why you should not. If you have not played before, open the beginner Bingo guide and get started in the blink of an eye. 

If you have played before but feel like you could improve on your skills and strategy, you are completely right. Find out how to play better and win more prizes with the best online Bingo guides for experienced players!

Play for free or choose your perfect real money gambling site, claim an online Bingo casino promotion, and have more fun than you have ever imagined!

Bingo Guides FAQs

Is Online Bingo a game of skill or a game of chance?
Online Bingo is a game of chance, as you do not get to choose the cards nor draw the numbers. Therefore, it all comes down to whether or not you have the lucky card as the numbers are called by the RNG (Random Number Generator).
Can you win real money playing online Bingo?
Yes, you can win real money playing online Bingo, as long as you wager real money. If you play in an online casino and have made a deposit beforehand, your wagers and winnings will be in real money. If you play online Bingo for free, all winnings are fictive and only meant to provide you with entertainment. 
Is online Bingo rigged?
No, online Bingo is not rigged. However, to always make sure you are safe while playing, only gamble on licensed and regulated online casinos. Also, check out their website and see if their Random Number Generator is regularly tested by a third party. This ensures the games are fair and that both your information and funds are safe. 

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