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We aim to help you learn about any casino game you prefer! Choose the topic you are interested in, from Slots to Table Games and even Online Gambling in general, and find in-depth guides written by industry experts.

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Do you want to spin the reels of an online slot machine but need to know how the game works and what to expect? Check out our comprehensive slots guides and level up your skills!
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Craps Guides

Craps is a very dynamic game, so to quickly master it, the Craps Guides written by the Dice Influencer Bill Collins will bring you the best tips, tricks, and strategies. Learn how to play Craps in the blink of an eye!
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Playing online Bingo is surely fun and can be very rewarding. Learn how the game works by reading our Bingo Guides and make the most out of your gaming sessions!
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The casino industry is vast and complex. Our Online Gambling guides are here to help you learn all its ins and outs. Check them out and see how everything works!
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Meet our Experts

The Chipy Academy Guides we have in store for you are written by players with years of experience and a genuine passion for online gambling. Meet our team of pros!

Bill Collins
Bill Collins Professional Craps Player 9 guides published

Back in 2003, Bill Collins started winning big from craps using dice influencing. Right now, he writes craps guides professionally, sharing his story and advice with beginners that want to win more.

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Vlad Mihalache
Vlad Mihalache Online Gambling and Slots Specialist 6 guides published

Vlad uses his vast online casino experience and marketing skillset to help gamblers make informed decisions. His main goal at Chipy is to provide actionable gambling advice.

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Vlad Stanescu
Vlad Stanescu Gambling Specialist and SEO Content Editor 1 guide published

Vlad joined us in early 2022 and from then on, his main goal is to share all his knowledge about slots so our community can have the best gambling experience.

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The Chipy Academy - Take Your Gambling to the Next Level

Welcome to the Chipy Academy! Are you ready to master any casino game and play like a pro? We offer you all the resources you need to quickly and easily learn how to play your favorite games. 

We bring you a multitude of casino guides on various topics. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, there are special guides for all. 

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These fall into 4 different categories, as follows: 

  1. Beginner -  the guides in this category come with simple explanations and examples to help you discover the basics of the game or the online gambling aspect you are interested in. All the information here is quick to go over and easy to understand. We teach you everything from the lingo to how to place bets and play your hand. 
  2. Intermediate -  if you are already familiar with the game but still do not feel confident enough when playing, our intermediate guides are just what you need. They help you explore the more complex aspects of a game and give you bet combinations to take your gambling session to the next level.
  3. Expert -  if you have been playing for a long time and you think that you already know everything about the game, there are still plenty of useful pieces of information to benefit from. Our experts give you tips and tricks, pieces of advice, and warnings based on their vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Here, you will also find new strategies you may try. 
  4. All levels - some topics are of interest to all players, regardless of their level of expertise. These are written using basic terms so that everyone can quickly go through them and take out the information they were looking for. 

Our Ambitious Goal - Educate Players on Online Gambling

We aim to help all players make the most out of their gambling sessions by educating them on every aspect, from how to get started to how to increase their winning chances. 

To achieve this goal, we bring you:

  • Comprehensive guides
  • Clear examples
  • Visual charts
  • Cheat sheets
  • and more.

You have everything you need to start your gambling adventure on the right foot. In addition, we have a huge collection of free games you can test your skills and strategies on. 

The Chipy Academy is the easiest way to find up-to-date information, actionable tips, and useful insight on any online casino game you may prefer. 

Improve your gambling sessions with us!

Expert Writers - Discover the Secrets of Pro Gamblers

Our experts are players themselves and they remember their early gambling days. 

They know what challenges they faced while learning about casino games so they do their best to make this process easier and more enjoyable for you. 

They each are specialized in different areas of online gambling and they work together to cover all the aspects you may need guidance on. 

The expert writers periodically update their guides to add new information they have found, new strategies they tested, and any innovative features that were recently launched. 

What Can You Learn in the Chipy Academy?

In the Chipy Academy, you can learn a variety of new gambling strategies and skills. 

Here are some of the things you will discover in our online casino guides: 

  • How to play casino games
  • Insights from the online gambling industry
  • Online gambling terms
  • How to choose safe and reliable online casinos
  • All about game features and how they work
  • How to place bets and make bet combinations
  • A short history of each game
  • How to increase your winning chances.

These are only a few of the aspects that you will learn about in the Chipy Academy. 

Check out our guides and discover more interesting data and information to help you advance in your gambling adventure! 

Know Your Casino Games Before Playing 

Our online casino guides tell you everything you need to know about any game you may want to play. However, regardless of how good we are at explaining or how many gameplay videos you watch, nothing beats first-hand experience. 

Here, at, you have the opportunity to play casino games for free in demo mode. You do not have to register or make a deposit to play. 

You can simply test your skills, try new strategies, or just see how the game works whenever you want and from any device, be it a computer or smartphone.


You can try your luck in the Playground, a special place where you can get a casino-like experience without actually spending any real money. 

All you need to do is log in (or register, if you haven’t yet) and use your Chipy coins to get more. Then, simply navigate to the Shop or Sweepstakes section for a chance of exchanging the coins for real money. 

Discover any game you prefer, learn how to play it and how to make the most out of it! 

Enroll in the Chipy Academy and make learning fun and rewarding!

Chipy Academy FAQ

Can you win real money by reading the guides on the Academy?
Yes. While the guides will not guarantee your gambling success, you will definitely get a wide range of insights related to the casino world. This way, you will know exactly what to expect, and discover new unique ways to gamble online.
Who are the casino guides on the Chipy Academy for?
There are guides on the Academy for every type of casino player. Some are dedicated to beginners, some to intermediate, and some to advanced players. Also, there are guides that are useful to all players and are marked as such. 
Who writes the guides for Chipy Academy?
All Academy guides on Chipy are written by experts. Experienced players who know the ins and outs of gambling and are exceptionally skilled in certain games share their knowledge, tips, and tricks with you.